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To Do List

-Get hair dyed bright red like Emilie Autumn and try to keep it that way
-Save up money for surgery and to visit the girl I love
-Don’t kill myself
-Continue receiving therapy and medication through the county mental health agency
-Reach a size that makes me happy in a healthy way
-Get a corset and start waist training when I reach my goal size
-Keep trying to visit friends I can reach to hang out with and do fun things with and get help with hair dyeing
-Make sure my car doesn’t break down
-Work lolita fashion into my everyday style
-Move out of bumfuck Lancaster Ohio
-Find a way to receive a higher education without being enslaved by the banking or credit industries
-Shower Nabi with all the love and affection in the world
-Stop being so fucking shy and be the babygirl I really am inside :D
-Be hopeful