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Once upon a time there was a special little baby girl named Lydia.
She was as sweet as sugar and cute as a button but was conceived into unfortunate circumstances.
The enviroment of her birth somehow was compromised and she developed into a male form instead; forced to bear this burden for the rest of her life.
Her family had good intentions but their character flaws would eventually come to harm sweet Lydia.
Lydia's father was an industrious man but held back by a traumatic family history, unchained anger, and alcoholism. Her mother was sweet yet quite passive and defenseless and fell control to my father. They both allowed my sister to become very controlling without empathy.
Her sister is a contemptible, bigoted sociopath that tries to force her to live as someone who isn't even real.
Lydia's sadness came into focus around her biological age of five, making her cry frequently and subjected her to mood swings that would get her into trouble. She found it very hard to be interested in schoolwork at all as the world around her felt too lonely and oppressing.
Around the age of 14, she began to discover a handful of things that made her happy and began to understand that she was born into the wrong body. Lydia remembered that she loves japanese animation; especially of the very girly shojo genre...in addition to video games,
hanging out with friends whenever she can, cuddling, being the little girl that she really is inside, and trying to cope with the nightmare of a world that surrounds her...as much as she longs for a fairy tale.
Lydia's bodily dysphoria began to peak around her junior and senior years of high school and she turned to drugs in order to escape the overwhelming sense of claustrophobia and disgust she felt along with the saddening role that society had paved for her all because of how her body was shaped at birth.
She had nearly killed herself trying so many different combinations of potentially hazardous substances to blot out the immense agony that was forced inside her. Her only true escapes at the time were gothic fashion, the friendships of hers that were beginning to develop, and her hope that someday she would be the beautiful, happy fat princess of her dreams.
In the year 2007, she was pushed to the point where she had to become herself in order to continue to survive. Lydia tries so hard to aim towards what makes her happy and trying to take care of herself but finds it so difficult when she experiences the world around her falling to pieces and horrifying her with it's overt insensitivity and absence of care and emotion.
She is like a budding flower pushing herself above the decay that lies before her. Deep inside her lies a massive void where her childhood belongs, along with the horrific scenes of abuse that continue to haunt her to this day...all inflicted upon her by the very same enviroment which gave birth to her.
She now longs to be her true self that's deep inside her delicate sweet heart...and to be with the one that will help take care of her and show her the love she has always needed. With love as enduring as the stars that shine brightly and have produced the matter which we all consist of, Lydia and her love will reflect beauty and affection in all directions, striving to be all that they can be.
The end.