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lolilydia's Journal

Break glass in case of overwhelming despair
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Gothic dolly princess extraordinaire. *twirls parasol and blushes*
I am shy as fuck as well as bipolar (type II), so please don't be offended by anything I may ever say or not say. This world is horrible enough and I don't want to cause any more suffering. I crave cuddles constantly.
*sips tea and plays with her dolls*
19th century, ali project, alice in wonderland, angelic pretty, anime, anime conventions, aural vampire, ayria, ball-jointed dolls, bauhaus, beethoven, being cute, black, bonnets, bows, btssb, buck-tick, cemeteries, christian death, cibo matto, classic lolita, cloudy days, cocteau twins, coraline, corsets, cosmetics, cosplay, crying, cuddling, cult films, cupcakes, d&d, danielle dax, dark cabaret, darkwave, daydreaming, decadence, deco, deus ex, dir en grey, dolls, dreams, dystopian literature, edward gorey, egl, elegance, emilie autumn, ethereal music, fairy tales, faith and the muse, fat girls, fields of the nephilim, flcl, flowers, geek girls, goldfrapp, goth, goth clubs, gothic lolita, gothic rock, haibane renmei, hannah fury, hello kitty, hugs, hungry lucy, information technology, innocent world, instant messaging, internet, j-rock, jack off jill, japan, japanese culture, kanon wakeshima, kokusyoku sumire, lace, lavender, lesbians, lgbt, linux, lolita, lolita fashion, lycia, malice mizer, mana, marie antoinette, metamorphose, metropolis records, miranda sex garden, miyazaki, modesty, moi dix mois, moi meme moitie, music boxes, neil gaiman, neo-victorian, night, pale skin, parasols, petticoats, photography, pink, plush dolls, pocky, politeness, post-punk, projekt records, pullip, rain, rasputina, rococo, rozen maiden, ruby gloom, sailor moon, shoujo, siouxsie and the banshees, sleep, snow, sopor aeternus, spring, steampunk, strawberries, studio ghibli, stuffed animals, sushi, sweet lolita, switchblade symphony, tchaikovsky, tea, tea parties, teddy bears, the birthday massacre, the crow, the cure, the dresden dolls, tim burton, tokyo mew mew, type o negative, vegetarianism, versailles, victorian era, victorian maiden, visual kei, vivaldi, voltaire, waist training, wine, winter, yogurt, yuri